Sitting in Atlanta....

January 27, 2010

Sitting in Atlanta airport, waiting for my flight to St.Louis…and marvelling at the technology which allows me to be online, communicating with every one…this, when I do not have a proper cord to allow me to recharge my laptop, and when I do not have a mobile phone that works in the US…I used Magic Jack to call up my daughter to say I had touched US soil safely.

And…I seem to have discovered the solution to my insomnia. On different sectors I started watching “Julie and Julia”, “500 days of Summer”, and other movies..and slept through almost all of them :) I find that if I have my headphones on with some music playing, I tend to sleep well. EVEN in the aircraft seats I get.

Those aircraft seats!!!!!!

On the Paris/Atlanta sector, I chose a seat as the neighbouring seats showed vacant on the Delta site online…so I got a “window” seat without any window, and of course, two ENORMOUS people showed up to pen me into the seat… the 3-seats-together window seats should come with their own toilets…. Delta had actually showed this as a “preferred seat” for SkyMiles members..I wonder WHO would prefer that seat?!

Here’s what I wrote about seats on long-distance flights

…and and my opinion has not changed!

Still feeling miserable that a ‘close friend’ could let me go, when I finally called, without even wishing me a happy journey…but it’s receding into the background as the prospect of GD/Biddles shines nearer!

Why are all airport baggage staff so sassy? I rechecked my suitcases after clearing Customs, and asked the person, “Do I need to tell you that the bags are going to St.Louis?” “Me? I know that, because I’m psychic!” he retorted. I then noticed that the tags on my suitcases were intact!