In the middle of the and peace...

January 20, 2010

While doing several chores, and getting stuff organized for my departure, I suddenly decided to listen to the video of “Kannamma” that my nephew Rakesh Raghunathan had sent me a little while ago.

Just listen to his voice…it’s approx. 7 min long:

Some might remember Anil and Gurucharan speaking at the TED talks in Mysore and Chennai.

The music calmed me and I feel so peaceful as I go about my work now.

Rakesh has been a very good singer right from his childhood, and in between his stints in corporate life, has kept up with it. He also has a cookery show on a local Chennai channel, Kalaignar TV….and with all this, is a sweet-natured, thoroughly nice guy!

I hope he is always as happy a person as I find him now….