Other things on the Bangalore Bird Race....

January 19, 2010

Apart from the birds…there was a lot to the Bird Race Day….one of the most striking was my view of the rock patterns at Ramnagara:

rock patterns ramnagara bbr

As we birded at Uttarahalli (meaning, literally, "northern village"), we saw this SIGNATURE SPIDER in the fields: signature spider uttarahalli 170110 The crop itself was something I could not identify, and its flowers were beautiful! un id crop bbr Near Manchinabele, I found plenty of these pyramidal shrines. At first I thought they were decorated termite mounds, but they were not. I am told that such pyramidal shrines occur only in that area...I wonder what their significance is? There are always two together: pyramid shrines mbele The scenery was awesome at Manchinabele: scenery mbele bbr And in a small bit of pond, I found this small, beautiful water lily: un id waterlily mbele At Manchinabele, the BULBS met up with us and we found that our tallies were the same! bulbs mbele Also in one field, I found these flags and could not understand what they denoted: flags mbele bbr At Manchinabele village, we stopped to fill up our water bottles, and next to the car we found this BRINJAL (eggplant) plant: brinjal mbele 170110 We had lunch at this restaurant: bbr woodlands ave lunch And very nice it was, too, to five hungry souls! We rinally finished off at the Valley School and as the sun set, we decided to go back: 170110 bbr sunset vs

Almost the last image I got as we left the Valley School was this against-the-light image of a GARDEN LIZARD on the growth on one of the trees:

garden lizard vs bbr

For some more photos that Chandu took,

click here

There are just a few images that I carried away in my camera…the ones I carry in my heart are even more wonderful!