Ageism, but NOT everywhere

January 5, 2010

Here I am, quoted in the Indian Express by Saritha Rai, a journalist whom I respect.

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I do agree to having faced ageism in Chennai…and often facing it in life…

..but I want to make it clear that for the most part, I said the EXACT opposite to what is quoted…I said, VERY clearly, that in Bangalore, and in wildlife and birding circles, I have never come across ageism at all. Between what one says to a professional reporter (even one who is a personal friend) and what that person hears and writes…there seems to be a very wide gap!

Let me state once again, that the birding community, the young-theatre-group community, the wildlife community, the cycling community,the quizzing community, the LJ community…all these seem to have NO ageism at all, and I find myself, and even older people, accepted for who they are, and indeed, age and its attendant experience is often given great respect.

I will be writing to Saritha about this, never fear. For my age, I am quite active, and so are my tongue…and typing fingers!