In Tinsukhia, on my way to Miao in Arunachal Pradesh

December 21, 2009

Yes, there really IS a place in Arunachal called Miao (there’s also a place called Ziro)

Sitting in another seedy internet parlour in Tinsukhia, Assam. The Dibru-Shaikowa part of the trip (in Assam) was just amazing in terms of the birds and mammals sighted (we even managed a short trip to Gibbonland this morning.)

I am taking the Bolero to Miao and tomorrow, we will drive into Namdapha.

I sighted, amongst other things, the Chestnut-Capped Babbler, the Striated Grassbird, the Yellow-Billed Prinia, the Swamp Francolin, and saw the Hoary-Bellied Squirrel and the Red=Stumped Macaque….and the views and the experience has been wonderful so far.

Will see when I can come to the net or mobile connection again…meanwhile all of you have a great time, and see you all soon…or sooner…