Sheer luck...

December 11, 2009

Today I was told that the sighting of the Black Stork, that I posted about


was a first for Bangalore! What a thrill that was!

This is not a thrill that the experienced birder will understand. S/he is probably used to making rare sightings and first records all the time…but for an L-board, the thrill of having made a record sighting is quite high….

It’s the same in our monthly family quiz group. When, at my most ignorant, I stumble upon the right answer, my happiness in doing so (and gaining all of 2 or 5 points for my team) is far greater than the greatest Mastermind champion could experience, sitting in that black chair answering questions on, say, “The Use of the Semicolon in Shakespeare” or some such chosen subject!

So let me savour the moment, all too soon, it will be gone….

And a word of gratitude here to Karthik, who is a great guide..he points out the direction and lets one arrive at the destination by oneself.