Internet Forwards

December 9, 2009

Oh my, when I get a forward…I seem to get it from ALL directions. (right now, for some reason, it’s Shashi Tharoor’s speech at TED Mysore.)

On one of the egroups that I moderate, people forward jokes and aphorisms and those icky-chweet stories…that others on the egroup have forwarded earlier. I guess some people only like sending forwards, not reading them!

I hate getting forwards with those HUGE chunks of emails at the beginning…

And those anti-someone-or-the-other email forwards…

Or those forwards which are false (like the Tommy Hilfiger apartheid one, or the one about someone giving you an injection and leaving you in a tub full of ice while they make off with your kidney/s) but are STILL circulating.

And I want to know….WHY do all the jokes have to be in such OE (Orrible English)? No, not ethnic Indian English, but really LOUSY language with ghastly spellings, so that I don’t know whether to laugh at the joke or the language.

But most of all I detest the do-this-AND-forward this to 89,975 people by tomorrow or your eyelashes will fall out forwards…and the yucky-saccharin “if you like me send this back to me!” forwards. i don’t WANT tweety little birds and cutesy little doggies with messages under them….

But…for every 100 forwards I get…I do forward one…because I like it!

The latest forward? One about a sari that cost Rs. 40 lakhs….