Sun playing truant at Ragihalli

December 6, 2009

I saw, on the bngbirds egroup, that someone called

R. Padmanabhan, a doctoral student at IIT Madras

….who belongs to the Madras Naturalist Society, had asked if anyone could go birding with him to the Bannerghatta Forest area. To me, this is like someone asking if I want chocolate. I promptly emailed him, and this morning, he came with three friends of his who were going for the first time. (Of them, it turned out that Sandhya was my daughter’s junior at Sacred Hearts School, and has been reading my blog.)

Yesterday at Bheemannakuppe was FRY day not Saturday, as the temperature was uncomfortably hot…so, naturally, today was chilly and it was so misty that it took quite an hour or so before the birds on the Ragihalli route even woke up!

So while I was waiting….I took the birders:

sandhya padmanabhan kavita ? 061209

The sun was in bed, too, on a fine mattress of mist:

ragihalli scenery 061209

It was rather reluctant to come out:

ragihalli sunrise 061209

And even when it did, it had fine veils of mist over it, like a shy woman covering her modesty with filmy cloth :

ragihalli mist 061209

Mist may make for lousy bird photography…but the scenery does make me misty-eyed!