November 28, 2009

Organizing events is not something I do regularly…I do hope it’s something I do well…!

When one is organizing an event, one HAS to take the majority’s convenience into consideration while setting the date and venue….but it’s SO disappointing when some of the people who, you know, will add a lot of value to the event, cannot make it!

I am organizing the JLRNTP meet in January Twenty-Ten…and so far, I have got 18 “yes”es, and only 2 “no”s…but both are from people that I would particularly like to have.

Well, actually, I must say that I know most of the NTP members personally now, so, to me, every “no” would be a disappointment…

How I wish I could organize an even where EVERYONE could be there! Ha, that will not happen in the real world.

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