Manchinabele (or Manchanabele)....

November 25, 2009

I took the morning off, last Saturday after some more dental torture work, to go with the BULBs, and visit

Manchinabele Reservoir area …the dam is built across the

Arkavathi river .

We took the turning when we saw the signboard:

manchanabele signbd 211109

(er, we also took note of THIS signboard..."thattE idli" is one of the specialities of the area) thatte idli signbd 211109 The area is so green and beautiful, with larger shrines under the peepal trees: anjaneya temple under peepal tree 211109 and smaller shrines, too: small vishnu shrine For some reason, most of the shrines I saw were to Vishnu or Anjaneya; I hardly saw any temples to Shiva, I wonder why! The Kaveri, particularly, is associated with Sri RanganAthA, a form of Vishnu, through her whole course...whether in Karnataka or Tamizh Nadu. Soon, the beauty of the reservoir, with Savandurga in the background, smiled up at us: manchinabele and savana durga We got closer to the reservoir: lake and savanadurga in distance The BULBs group works really well together; whether we are watching birds below eye-level: bulbs 211109 above eye-level: watching the white-naped woodpecker 211109 or concentrating on the excellent food that we have! bulbs lunch 211109

the weather was like this most of the time: sunshine through the clouds:

sun and clouds 211109

I’ll post about the birds and (a few) other creatures that we saw….next!