Birds and other creatures at Manchinabele

November 25, 2009

We were pretty lucky with our sightings and observations on the Manchinabele trip on the 21st of November; apart from the


tawny eagle dark morph 211109

I also got, thanks to Manju, a first-time-ever sighting, and observation, of the


high up in a


white-naped woodpecker m'bele 211109

High up, along with the Tawny Eagle and the BLACK KITES, was a SHORT-TOED SNAKE EAGLE short-toed snake eagle 211109 I thought this was a WIRE-TAILED SWALLOW wire-tailed swallow 211109 but actually, some of our group said that some BARN SWALLOWS also have a short wire I don't know exactly which bird it is now! I assumed that the presence of the wire tail meant a Wire-Tailed Swallow...wrong as usual! I enjoyed watching the ROSE-RINGED PARAKEETS racketing about, trying to investigate likely holes in the trunk for their nests: parakeets 211109 We stopped at a pond where lots of BLACK-HEADED MUNIAS were flying about in the reeds; black-headed munias 211109 It was lovely watching them: In the paddy fields, a couple of WHITE-BREASTED WATERHENS were running around in a hectic way! white-breasted waterhens We heard the "kook!kook!kook!" repetitive calls of the COPPERSMITH BARBETS and saw a couple of them on a tree rather far off: coppersmith barbets 211109 Even common birds like the PIED BUSHCHAT 211109 manchinabele pied bushchat taking off and the GREY HERON made off while we were far off.... grey heron flight 211109 I liked those going-away shots! We watched several BAYA WEAVERS entering and leaving their nests: Other creatures were also very interesting...first, the HUGE cloud of MIDGES were rather difficult to capture on camera: cloud of midges 211109 But Garima spotted this BRAHMINY SKINK and it allowed us to snap off a few quick shots: brahminy skink 211109 and there were plenty of ROCK AGAMAS around, basking on the rocks as the sun went up: rock agama 211109 Everywhere in the grass, the BLUES were flitting around, ceaselessly: manchinabele blue b'fly 211109 It was hypnotic, watching the POND SKATES dart about on the surface of the water:

I compare my learning to this shoot, reaching beyond what’s old to something new and fresh:

new shoot 211109

Here’s a 360-degree view of the Manchinabele backwaters, with the beautiful

LITTLE EGRETS floating in to land…

A beautiful place, and an enjoyable outing…I took the train to Chennai feeling very happy indeed.