How to Kayak in Bangalore....

November 23, 2009

…you use an

inflatable kayak

Here’s Kiran, who met us near

Manchinabele Dam backwaters

kayak in compact form 211109

...while Manju birded with us, he got the kayak ready. Here are the steps: Kiran rolls out the kayak: setting up the kayak 211109 He pumps air into the kayak: pumping the kayak up 211109 He fits the paddles together: fitting the paddles 211109 Here's the equipment, all ready to go: kayak and paddles ready 211109 Manju helps Kiran launch the boat: launching the kayak 211109

Here’s Kiran, paddling off:

Thank you, Kiran and Manju…I had never before seen an inflatable kayak, though no doubt it is old hat to several readers!

Kiran and Manju tell me that there are about 20 people who regularly meet at Manchinabele to kayak together.

When I asked where I might hire such kayaks, the kayaking/rafting organization they mentioned is


Notice that it’s in association with

Jungle Lodges and Resorts !