During my morning walk...

November 14, 2009

I will be documenting that morning walk of mine…yes, I did take along MLC2 yesterday.

But some things are even more eye-catching than others…

As I turn from Santhome High Road on the Marina, into Radhakrishnan sAlai (erstwhile Edward Elliotts Road), I find that I am suddenly in New York!

Here you go, Manhattan and Brooklyn: manhattan hotel brooklyn diner 131109 Don't miss the "recession special"! And now we go to the Bronx, as well.... bronx bar 131109 hotel manhattan Our "thalaivar"s (leaders) who are Members of the Legislative Assembly take themselves very seriously; parking (on a public road, and on a public footpath) is reserved for them: mla pkg 131109 myl I wanted to see if I could park a car there and claim that I was also an MLA....Mylapore Lady Affable! :) Affable! Why affable? You ask.

Well, I was not in a militant mood, I was…affable…!

affable 131109

In Tamizh, the sign says “appapuL” (in Tamizh, “f” sound is written,somewhat awkwardly, with a “therefore” sign written before the “p” consonant…but that wasn’t the case here). So, I was appapul instead of affable.

I do enjoy taking my MLC along!

It’s beginning to pour with rain again…I’m going to enjoy going to get some vegetables now…