Mist Photography....

November 10, 2009

We thought the mist on the hills would prevent us from spotting birds. It didn’t. We thought it would prevent us from photographing birds. It did.

But then we realized that the mist, in itself, was a thing of beauty.

light of the mist

Here's the scene as we drove up the hills: nandi hills scenery 071109 This was the scene at the nursery area: orchard bldg nandibetta 071109 The majestic trees made a chiaroscuro image: mist and upright trunks 071109 Right overhead was a display of the vault of heaven, clothed in mist: up above in the mist 071109 Some young trees made a fractal silhouette: fractals 071109 nandi hills Here's the pavilion in the nursery, with some of the birders: 071109 pavilion birders And the same pavilion, without the human element, wreathed in the soft cotton folds of the mist: pavilion mist no people

And just to see how it would look, I decided to take one image of the passing scenery through the rain-washed window of the car:

scenery through the car window 071109

And finally, you can see the way the rainclouds are moving …gliding…along the hilltops…

Rain and mist make for beautiful photography….!