Some more light ....

November 1, 2009

We often speak of “shedding light on the subject”…the coming of light is also associated with acquiring knowledge and dispelling ignorance. “tamasO mA jyOtirgamaya” is part of our daily prayers.

Here’s the light arriving, on the sheet rock on the Ragihalli Road, in the Bannerghatta Forest area:

311009 ragihalli sheet rock sunrise

I experimented with shooting into the sunlight, instead of the recommended “shoot at an angle”…and am happy with the results.

Photography literally means, "painting with light" I think every photographer loves the sunrise period for its opportunities. As the photographer approaches the light, it envelops him: rajeev kashyap ragihalli sheet rock 311009 Another photographer photographs the first one, but the third photographer (to my mind) gets an interesting shot because the rising light is behind them: anush clicking rajeev 311009 The backlight sets the pink grass tips aglow with light: pink grass backlit 311009

It was who showed me how he uses, when one is using light, can that be a.....real de-light?