She climbs a tree and does NOT scrape her knee....

October 30, 2009

I went to the

Indian Institute of Science


to attend the

5th International Canopy Conference

….there were demonstrations of


Here's Edward, an expert tree-climber, setting up the ropes for the different techniques: Edward setting up the ropes 301009 here's what it looked like from a distance....Tarzan's hideout... the climbing set-up 301009 intl canopy confce Here's Gowri Shankar doing it fairly easily: gowri tree-climbing 301009 Here's who also managed to climb a reasonable height: amogh climbing Yours truly getting into the harness (pics of me are by Gowri): putting me in the harness 301009 I looked rather suspiciously at the harness as I did not wish to appear in the next day's obituary columns: me getting the harness on 301009 Slowly, I too started climbing upwards: raising me in the harness 301009 </lj-cut> It's a question of, er, getting the...hang of it! 301009 me doing tree-climbing 301009 </lj-cut> Here's Edward, running around the branches of the tree and then letting himself down to the ground with the greatest of ease: It will be many births before I can become a creature of the canopy like that....!