Cannot think of anything...

October 28, 2009

I went to get the next bout of dental treatment done…after the injection and the infllicting of a fair amount of the usual pain, the power went off, I sat for 45 minutes and came out without having today’s quota completed, but with almost as sore a jaw as usual.

Then my glasses broke yesterday and I’ve been having issues with the clouding of one contact lens, so I went to the eye doctor and got my eyes checked out, and ordered new glasses and lenses…so now my eyes are totally fuzzy, and if there are spelling errors in this post, it’s because I am touch-typing and cannot see the screen clearly. Also, since my glasses broke,and hte spare glasses also have a huge crack in the lens (NO you wll not say that the huge crack is the one wearing the spectacles), I am now forced to wear my cloudy contact lens….

Instead of a soaring spirit, today I have a sore-ing spirit!

So nothing reMOTEly interesting is occuring to me, and I feel all cauliflower-headed….