Butterflies Flutter By....

October 26, 2009

On both my visit to Bannerghatta, and to Turahalli, Galibore, and Ramnagara, I noticed a wide variety of butterflies flitting along in their various colours. Of course, the time of day (mid-morning) was not ideal to photograph them, as that is their nectar-gathering time and so they were most restless, and would hardly settle for more than a second or two anywhere.

So of course it was the butterflies’ fault that I got mediocre pictures….having allocated the blame correctly, here they are:



blue pansy turahalli 241009

GLASSY TIGER glassy tiger 241009 wet-season form of the COMMON CERULEAN common cerulean 231009 BARONET baronet turahlli 241009 the PEACOCK PANSY peacock pansy 301009 NIGGER or SMOOTH-EYED BUSH BROWN nigger 241009 COMMON SAILER common sailer 231009 YELLOW PANSY yellow pansy 231009 COMMON GRASS YELLOW common grass yellow backlit 231009 COMMON ROSE actually, this could also be a COMMON MORMON, see below: common rose female? COMMON LEOPARD common leopard 231009 COMMON PIERROT common pierrot galibore 231009 COMMON MORMON (see the people who helped me out with the id's, right at the end) common crow galibore 241009 PSYCHE psyche 241009 galibore TAWNY COSTER tawny coster 241009 galibore the LIME mud-puddling: mud puddling 241009 PLAIN TIGER plain tiger bg 231009 I enjoyed seeing the way this COMMON FIVERING was camouflaged: butterfly camouflage bg 231009 The : CRIMSON ROSE in Shreeram's words, "looks like old-age has taken off the sheen"...alas, alas, those words could apply very well to ME!! :) Photobucket the RICE SWIFT rice swift 231009 bg

Let me end with this beautiful


blue-winged wasp 241009

This post is dedicated to


who is an authority on butterflies!


My NTP friends, Vikram Hiresavi, M V Shreeram, ,Vineet, and Uma have all, as usual, taken the trouble to help me out with the ids. :) Thank you!