The Clark Bridge

October 20, 2009


Clark bridge

which I thought was a suspension bridge but is actually a “cable-stayed bridge” (look up that link above!), is that amazing blend….a thing of both utility and beauty.

Here are the imagesI took of the bridge, that spans the Mississippi river:

illinois riverbridge scene 171009

Closer up:

suspension bridge over illinois river 171009

And on the way back from Alton to St.Louis, against the sun:

clark's bridge sunshine 171009

It stayed in my mind from the time we followed D for his Century Ride and I felt happy that we were going there again for the fall colours.

Except for the shining gold-y finish, the bridge is somewhat similar to the

Cable-rested Bridge at Krishna Raja Puram (K R Puram) in Bangalore

on the highway leading to Chennai.

I didn’t realize it, but I love bridges…..I still don’t know how they are built on a river-bed rushing with deep water….!