October 18, 2009

Just this one tree will give my Indian friends an idea of the colours of the leaves during the fall season:

fall colour tree 171009

We drove to Alton (where we'd been, another winter to see the Bald Eagles and then, further, almost to Grafton This is the area where the Mississippi and the Missouri rivers meet. The bluffs along the river looked very picturesque: Photobucket At several places, the fall colours were already flaming forth: bluff with fall colors The foliage and the bluffs dwarfed the road and the cars: road and fall bluff 171009 Even nearer home, the reds (including the cars!) seem to be replacing the greens: fall colours red cars fp The blues, however, predominated on the river and in the sky... mississippi river sun But in the sky, too, blue gives way to red: kite fp 171009 Sometimes the leaves are not red but an incredible pink: un id pink leaves There's pink on the ground, too, as the seasonal smartweed (thanks for the id, !) blooms across the grass: smartweed polygonum fp 161009 Fall is associated with ripeness....the fat berries bear witness to this: red berries fp 171009 Mr and Mrs. Robin discuss their seasonal plans, as their red breasts shine brightly! mr and mrs robin </lj-cut> I saw this cross set in the midst of the foliage! fall colours cross It's a wonderful time of the year...the temperature is about 7 deg C, and it's so invigorating to walk in the mornings....! However, my next post will (probably) be from....home....!