October 15, 2009

One of my great favourites by

Mohammed Rafi

is this wonderful song:

A beautiful woman is really like a work of art…a “joy to behold”, as the poet says.

I think that in this video,

Waheeda Rehman

looks extremely beautiful. It’s not the beauty of’s the beauty of feature.

But the lovely part is that every woman looks beautiful to someone who loves her…lucky, indeed, is the woman who has someone tell her that she’s beautiful. When she listens to those words, she does, indeed, feel that she is beautiful..even if realism may step in later!

I wonder, though, what it must be to be truly beautiful by anyone’s reckoning (say, like Diana was)…and then have age catch up on you, and see the physical beauty disappear. It would be wonderful if the inner fire were never to go…but there ARE women who are beautiful only on the outside, and indeed, are riddled with complexes as a result of their physical beauty…they constantly harp about it, are insecure with it….how sad that such a gift, instead of being a plus, becomes a minus!

Oh…by the way…the language of this song is actually Urdu, not Hindi; I have to get a proper translation for the words (eg. “kaikashA”) that I don’t know…give me time, !

And ...if you can translate....that would be great!