Stainless Steel Planes, Giant Women, and More...

October 10, 2009

Just outside the

Franklin Institute

near the

Fels Planetarium

fels planetarium

was the

Budd BB1 Pioneer aircraft

Budd BB-1 Pioneer aircraft

One of the few aircraft built of stainless steel, which I would not have thought a great material for an aircraft…but it logged more than a 1000 hours!

The Logan Circle Fountain which is also called the Swann Fountain or the Amazon Fountain (it was originally a site for public executions!) looked really lovely: sky with fountain Here's one statue of an Amazon: amazon fountain And here's a little boy getting away from the ladies! jump! 041009 This is the fountain at night: amazon fountain This was another fountain that I didn't get the name night... fountain One buiding had this little decoration, showing the local sights: philly details bldg 041009 you can see the tiger in the Zoo, and the development of the American flag! Philly is known for its murals, and I spotted several beautiful ones: le meridien mural 041009 tree of life mural 021009 philly mural that one of the downtown scenery does not contain the Comcast building, which came up later! whale mural near 30th st station 031009 The details on the Masonic Temple were so intricate: masonic temple pillars 031009 The sculptures captivated me, too. This one is about the Holocaust: holocaust sculpture This one's of Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa me with Rocky Balboa There is usually a queue to take photographs here! I enjoyed seeing two sculptures which had to do with laundry! What! you they are: To help dry the laundry: clothesline sculpture 021009 And then to make it presentable: iron sculpture 041009 The Welcome House as part of the interactive "Living in a Box" exhibit was being built the previous evening: living in a box coming up And the next day, some artists were painting on the glass walls, drawing some onlookers: living in a box 021009 The iconic, eponymous sculpture of Love Park love park 031009 photographing love in love park 041009 was drawing lots of visitors, and the pink fountain 041009 love square fountain and bright pink water pink water and pump 041009 were very intriguing!

The Cathedral Basilica of the Saints Peter and Paul (er, not Mary!) merits a post to itself; I must thank Madhu for taking me fact, Madhu did an amazing job of spending a LOT of her precious weekend with me, walking around.

Let me close with this touch of humour:

drive carephilly