The Spider at Valley Green Inn

October 5, 2009

On Saturday, a sudden change of plan resulted in my forgetting to take MLC2 when I went to attend the wedding; and there, I found the bride’s uncle, after the ceremony, taking pictures of a huge spider with a large egg-sac. I watched it, of course, but felt bad that I couldn’t take photographs.

On Sunday, however, Madhu, Kusi and I decided that rather than go to Delaware to do some hiking, we would go to the same

Wissahickon area .

And….when we reached

Valley Green Inn ,

I went over to the tree where I had seen the spider, laughing at my own idiocy in looking for the spider again…and..there she was!

front view spider 041009

Amazingly, she didn’t react at all to my presence, and sat, perfectly still; I don’t know if this is normal behaviour for a spider with an egg sac…butI was thankful that she allowed me the time to observe her for a while.

You can see the very large egg sac in this picture that I took ffrom the side:

spider with egg sac valley green inn trail 041009

Could someone tell me what spider this is? She was a little larger than a golf ball…

Update: has id'd it, correctly, I think, as a


Thank you, Charles and Debbie! :)