Images from Creve Coeur Lake 260909

September 28, 2009

As a birding outing, the visit to

Creve Coeur Lake

was a washout, or rather, a rainout…but the place is so beautiful, that while D cycled and A ran, with GD in a jogging stroller, I ambled around and enjoyed myself very much indeed!

Here’s the sign which explains the origin of the name of the lake:

260909 creve coeur lake name sign

Here’s the dripping springs:

dripping springs creve coeur lake 260909

(and they weren’t dripping only because of the rain…!)

On the lake, several rowing teams were receiving their coaching: rowing teams receiving coaching 260909 ccl At first, the weather seemed quite pleasant, with fleecy white clouds adding puff-cotton balls to the scenery on the lake: clouds over CCL 260909 It was quite amazing to see the way the rain clouds just rose up over the blue-and-white, with a mantle of grey: raincloud coming up 260909 Here's a video of it happening! How often can one *see* rain coming up like that! In spite of the intermittent sprinkling, there were joggers and cyclists on the path, which wound under the huge bridge that carried the highway and its traffic: highway above 260909 There is a sort of creek that flows into the lake creek leading to CCL 260909 I saw this man paddling a surfboard-like boat flat on the water: surf-board boatsman 260909 I later saw him taking it out of the water and loading it on to his car, too: surfboard-like boat 260909 I wonder what that kind of boat is called...a raft? a punt? The wet weather had brought out mushrooms of all are some frilly ones: frill mushroom 260909 Some saddle mushrooms: saddle mushroom 260909 And a convocation of them: mushrooms 260909 The wildflowers trumpet-like orange wildflower ccl 260909 the fat red berries berries ccl 260909 And the colours of the leaves colours on leaves 260909 spoke of the new season that's upon us: creve coeur lake fall leaf 260909 The rain shed diamonds on this web: rain on web 260909 Another spider was constructing its website: spider on web 260909 I tried to get a closeup, but it was tough, with the web and spider swinging wide in the stiff breeze: spider closeup 260909

I finally left the lake to its own beauty, and brought away this image of a heron-scape:

heronscape 260909