St.Louis Symphony Orchestra at Art Hill, Forest Park 170909

September 20, 2009


is the list of songs that the Symphony Orchestra played on Art Hill, on the evening of the 17th.

Here’s a view of Art Hill, with the Art Museum in the background, and the crowd collected in front of the tent in which the orchestra is playing:

scene of symphony 170909 art hill fp stl

Behind the tent, as the orchestra plays, the paddleboats on Des Peres creek float in like fireflies, attracted to the music:

The musicians, somewhat closerup: orchestra members fp 170909 Here they are, playing: Behind the tent, on the Des Peres creek, one can see the rowboats, attracted to the music like moths to the flame: Some members of the audience, on their colourful groundsheet: people listening 170909 and the want to watch some of them? Midway through the video, don't miss the ones that explode into blue five-pointed star formations!

I wish I could have done a better job of capturing them in photographs:

fireworks symphony 170909