Quitting jobs...

September 15, 2009

Several of my friends have quit their jobs lately…each for a different reason…to pursue another interest, because the job is not to their liking, to pursue higher studies, motherhood, marriage, a better job….

When the decision is a fait accompli, it’s probably easier to quit a job. (I’m not talking about being laid off.) But what about when there ARE things about one’s job that one is enjoying, and the money IS convenient (when is money not convenient?), when the contacts are useful, and when the perks are good? How, then, does one make the decision to quit? If (as has happened to a couple of friends) one wants to take up a job again, or wants to quit the next job…. does one want the old job back, or not?

Is one beset by worries that one may regret the decision later? Or is it an easy decision, after all?

I have never held a full-time job, so…I’d like inputs from all of you. Whenever I have quit any of my part-time jobs, it’s been because I’ve wanted to, so there’s never been any dilemma over it.

Lately, though, it’s been bugging me a little that I’ve never earned any significant money in my life….doesn’t bug me a LOT, but yes, the thought is there that I am probably a leech-parading-as-a-housewife…