Some more number plates....

September 14, 2009
No doubt about whom this car belongs to: lady s no plate 120909 Or this Jaguar owner's opinion about hesself: vipjag1 no plate 120909 If you will, and I will, then Dee will, too! d will 2 no plate 120909 At home in the garage....Lumps 1,2, and 3... lump 4 no plate 120909 I've heard of C+, but now there's C less.. c less no plate 120909 D'you think this belongs to the Brady Bunch? Or just a bunch of insects from an apiary? b bunch no plate 010909 You have lunch leftovers? (Or you're Mohammed Ali?) box it no plate 010909 There's no's.... free for you no plate This one reminds me of a series of verses.. hbrw 11 no plate One anti-Semite wrote: God How odd To choose The Jews. To which a Jew replied: Not so odd As those who choose A Jewish God... But spurn the Jews. Sometimes, you need to prepare: prep it no plate 070909 If you're not a bee, you could be a Vee: veebird no plate 180809 And this owner tells you how and why this car was bought! 010909 dow 15k no plate If you are not careful, this will *really* overtake you... nmesis no plate fp 120909

I got some more number plates for my collection from The Beast…. :) this is an unending hobby!