Lake Tahoe

August 27, 2009

GD took the two flights (St.Louis to Phoenix, and Phoenix to Reno) very well, and was, in fact, quite playful on the plane:

biddles' first flight 180809

As usual the view from the window was just fantastic, as we flew over the deserts of Arizona and Nevada, and saw parts of the Grand Canyon once again. Here’s a lovely blue river in the sandy wastes:

scenery bet PHoenix and Reno 180809

Reno showed itself under the aircraft's wings: downtown Reno from air We hired a car, and took the road to Lake Tahoe, watching a huge bridge under construction on the way.... rd to Lake Tahoe ..bridge being built 180809 The scenery went from desert scrub to pine-filled hills with astonishing rapidity. After we checked into our hotel, we found that the travel had really tired us out, so I was able to go for a quick walk around only the next morning... A nearby hotel and casino, Harrah's had put up a memorial to the Pony Express, which had run through that spot: 190809 pony express memorial pony express plaque harrah's lake tahoe 190809 Right next to our hotel was the "Heavenly" (that's a trade-mark, not an indication that the cable car would crash and take us to Heaven!) cable car station: cable car190809 Here are the cable cars: cable cars going up lake tahoe 190809 One of the hotel buildings had a copper sheeting that was treated to give a rainbow effect in the sunshine: lake tahoe main st 190809 It was lovely to see the smoke rising from the kitchen of another hotel nearby (as usual, the area in South Lake Tahoe was a large cluster of hotels) smoke from hotel kitchen lt 190809

I came back, hoping that we had some plans of hiking, and found KM in the sunshine, framed in the window, cooing away with GD:

km and biddles marriott 190809

We did go to Emerald Bay and a short hike up to Eagle Falls….but that’s the next post!