Six-Footers at Glen Falls Alpine Trail

August 21, 2009

Today we hiked up the Glen Falls trail….and I just have the time to post these three images:

Apparently the


is a “noxious weed” here, but it still has beautiful flowers, and I caught one bee coming in for a landing to meet another bee….look at the wings buzzing at some umpteen beats a second!

two bees on thistle glen falls lake tahoe 200809

Then, to make a change, I got a bee with a moth (or a butterfly, I don’t know the id!)

bee and moth 200809

And then I got the moth by itself, feeding off another wildflower….

moth on wildflower 200809 glen falls

I would never have got these if I had a DSLR and had to change to a macro lens (as obviously, KM would have had the landscape wide-angle lens on it!)…everything would have flown away by then! I do love the handiness of MLC2….