Stellers Jay in Emerald Bay and Eagle Falls, Lake Tahoe

August 20, 2009

A more detailed post about the incredibly beautiful Lake Tahoe area in California will need more time than I have right now…but here are a few photographs of the

STELLER’S JAY (thank you, !

jay emerald bay 190809

It’s a very common bird around this area….

jay portrait eagle falls trail 190809

and we saw them at both Emerald Bay, and then at Eagle Falls Trail…

jay in pine tree 190809

They would come and go in flashes of beautiful blue….

jay near reeds eagle falls 190809

Don’t feel “Jay” of me….I’m trying my level best to share all of it with you!

…and don’t you agree these are good birding pics for the MLC2 (SX10)?

Update: here’s a video of the Jay hopping over the bridge across Eagle Falls, taken on 190809…alas, what a harsh call the bird has!