Images around the house...

August 17, 2009

Temperatures in the high 90’s, and GD-sitting duties, mean I am housebound most of the day…but I can still prowl around the house with the S10! All these images have been taken from within five feet of the house…

Early mornings, the lawn sprinklers come on across the length and breadth of suburban USA…

lawn sprinkler 140809

It's the time of year when the JAPANESE MAPLE planted in thousands of gardens, start making their seeds, which will "helicopter" their way into the world : japanese maple seed 140809 The Japanese maples seem to come with the JAPANESE BEETLE (probably drove over in their Toyotas!), which are busily munching away: june bug enright garden 140809 Other seeds, in the grasses, also get ready to be blown off on the wind: grass seed 140809 Other life-forms perpetuate themselves's the pupa of the BAGWORM made up of the small bits of the leaves of the plant itself... bagworm pupa 140809

As I wandered around, at the very back on one hedge-bush, I found this beatifully constructed spider web. Now, that perfectly formed circle (the funnel in this one hasn’t yet been fully formed), and

others like that I had seen

told me that this is the


funnel spider 150809 enright

some more views:

funnel web spider 040909

Here’s the funnel web with a pen for size reference:

funnel web with pen for size

but as I watched, the spider ran off inside and did not come out again as long as I was there…then I had to go out….let’s see what it’s caught tomorrow!

This is a Life Under Foot post…life forms which are just underfoot, and literally under a foot or an inch, can be really fascinating!