Cyclone Warning...

August 15, 2009

We get these weather maps when cyclones are about to hit….and indeed, we HAVE been hit by Cyclone Kavya, and our lives will never be the same again!

cyclone warning hair 140809

The joke is that many Americans exclaim, “what a lot of hair!” when we are referring to the Bald Eagle in our midst! By Indian standards, she has hardly any hair at all.

But…isn’t it nice to be at an age when having rolls of fat on the body, not having any neck worth speaking of, and no hair or teeth…is supposed to be beautiful!

biddles and mom 140809

My life is going to be torn from now on…when I’m in India I’m going to miss this mini-female, and when I’m here I’m going to miss home…. delightful dilemma! DnA had better inspect my luggage carefully when I leave, or this may happen…

baggage biddles 220609