Kitchen Murder... and Kitchen Wildlife

August 13, 2009

One job in the kitchen that I really hate…. chopping cabbage…I tend to slaughter it….

red cabbage 120809

Even MORE so if that cabbage is red and gives me pink fingers…the process becomes even closer to a killing!

Then why do I do it? I think, "If I hate it so much, how much will another person also dislike it, especially after coming home tired from work, with a baby to feed several times at night!" and I find I can do it after all….

That said, I just love that knife in (one hate to be balanced by one love!) in the picture. When one has a very sharp, good knife, one may fear for the length of one’s fingers….but food preparation is a doddle…well…everything except cabbage, I mean! Cabbage…somehow the chopping sort of multiplies as you cut it in slices, you know what I mean? I slice and chop, slice and chop, slice and chop..then there are the big bits to slice and chop yet again…

I want to know how each of YOU tackles this chopping-cabbage task….

Oh, and we also often have leopard bananas in the kitchen…want to see them?

120809 leopard bananas

That banana stand, I am sure, is from


…you can also see some ordinary bananas waiting to be hanged, until they are either eaten…or spotted!

And the flowers? I love flowers, I get them whenever I can. The home always has at least 3 vases of flowers!

OK, I stopped the chopping because of an intense desire to share all this with you lot…must finish murdering that cabbage and wash my hands before GD wakes up!

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