chinna pApA enga chella pApA

August 10, 2009

A song that I heard on my parents’ old record player on the 78RPM records….

chinna pApA enga chella pApA | Upload Music

How sad that the song talks about the father’s anger and his ill-treating the child!


chinna pApA– enga chella pApA shonna pEccha kEttA thAn nalla pApA (chinna)

chinna unakku cheeni mittAy vAngi tharaNumA? silk chattai cheenA bommai balloon vENumA? kaNNAmoochi Attam unakku solli tharaNumA?…appO… galagalannu shiricchukittu ennai pArammA…(chinna)

kObam theernthu appA unnai kooppiduvAru… nee konji konji pEshinAtthAn shAppiduvAru! kOzhi mithitthu kunju mudam Aagi vidAthu… unakku koyyA pazham paricchu tharEn!…azhugai koodAthu! (chinna)

small baby..our dear baby… listen to what you’re told, there’s a good baby….

Does the little you want sweets made of sugar? Silk dresses, porcelain dolls, balloons? Do you want to learn how to play hide-and-seek?…then… Laugh out loud and look at me, baby!

After his temper has cooled, Father will call you… Only if you coo at him, he will eat! A chick will not go lame if the cockerel steps on it… I’ll pluck a guava fruit for you…you shouldn’t cry!