At last, a working video of parakkum panthu parakkum

August 8, 2009

So many of the songs I look for on YouTube say, “removed due to terms of usage violation”, or “embedding disabled by request”….but finally, I got my “badminton song” (MGR, Saroja Devi), where the rhythm is that of the badminton ball being “pock”ed by the players…

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No, it’s not the one above, go below the playing image and move the cursor, and double click on the “video 2 of 35”…that’s the one. (from paNakkAra kudumbam)

(There are a total of 35 songs there…no. 29 is another beautiful song from “ChandrOdayam”, for example. I don’t like all the songs, though!

Surprisingly, it plays only once, and if I try to replay it, it says this video is unavailable! So I have to reload it….

The words:

parakkum..panthu parakkum…athu paranthOdi varum thoothu… sirikkum…azhagu sirikku…athu siritthOdi varum mAthu.. (2)

Odum unnai nadum…unnai en sontham enru koorum… thirumbum…ennai nerungum..unthan bathil kondu vanthu pOdum… (parakkum)


ithu thAn antha nilavO..enru mugam pArkkum vaNNa panthu… illai..ithu mullai…enru pOrAdum kaNNil vanDu


varuvAr..inru varuvAr…enru manathOdu sollum panthu varattum…avar varattum…enru vazhi pArkkum kAthal cheNdu….(parakkum)


muthal nAL iravu thaniyE ennai azhaitthOdi varum thenral ivar thAn konjam gavani, enru izhitthOdi varum kaNgaL


arugil…miga arugil..kaNdu aNai meeri varum veLLam adangum..anru adangum..inru alai pAynthu varum uLLam… (parakkum)

(m and f)

aha haaa….

Rough translation (yes, the video has a translation but I think mine is better than that)

The (badminton) ball will fly, it’s a messenger that flies… The beauty will smile, she’s a woman who comes smiling!

(the ball) will fly, search for you, and declare you to be mine.. (it will) turn, approach me, and deliver your reply


“Is this that same moon (above)?” the colourful ball will look at your face and wonder); “No, this is the mullai flower!” the blackbeetles of your eyes will argue.


“He’ll come…today…” the ball will whisper in my mind: “Let him come…let him come”, will whisper the little bouquet of love.


Nearby…very close…the flood will overflow the banks; Today, it may subside, that day, my heart will overflow like the waves!

you know where the Hindi version of this is, can you post the link to that, too, please? The youtube link that you have provided in this post doesn't work....