Television and Prayer Bag

August 7, 2009

Now I defy all of you to make sense of that caption (all except and who are disqualified at the very start.

Hah. Stumped, aren’t you? I thought as much.

Well, when I was unpacking the

picnic lunch

after getting home, I found one bag had this on one side:

supreme master television 020809 bag

Oh, wow, Supreme Master Television, I thought, just what we need. What would this be showing? I looked to see, and was much struck by pictures of praying hens and loving pigs…you think I am joking? ME? Why would I joke about such a thing?

Here they are:

hen praying and pig loving us 020809

Please note that the bag also advocates heart transplants!

And it goes on to list “life-saving food”. Do you know of food which is otherwise (ok, don’t count my Death By Chocolate dessert)….?