An open letter to all the airlines

August 7, 2009

Dear Airline Management Solomons:

Once upon a time, we could take lots of luggage with us on international flights. Just two or three years ago, KM and I were travelling by Business Class and we had an allowance of (I am not kidding) 70 kg each. We could have brought half our household with us if we so wished.

But now…we are allowed, even on international flights, only two suitcases (oh sorry, “bags”) of 23 kg each, of which the suitcase itself might be 4 kg or so if they are to withstand the rigours of being thrown about in airports.

And on domestic flights, you charge us for all carry-on baggage. On many American airlines, we have to pay $15 per check in bag, more if it exceeds a certain weight.

OK…so far, the rules are equally applied to everyone, so I can’t complain. But….

The guy standing next to me (and of COURSE the guy sitting next to me, on those how-much-can-you-shrink-yourself aircraft seats, in which I am holed up near the window,like a rabbit in a warren, with no hope of ever reaching the pay-and-use toilet, see below) weighs… 300 lbs or more…he looks more like a bison than a man….and I weigh about 100 lbs (ok, a few more after a chocolate binge.)

So…why don’t you lot weigh the passenger and the luggage together, and have a weight allowance, and charge for extra over that limit? After all, you started weighing baggage because the aircraft totes that weight. Doesn’t the weight of the passenger matter, in that case?

Why don’t you give me credit for being small and slim and trim, when my baggage is given that credit?

Instead of innovations like charging people for going to the toilet (which will only end up with stinky aircraft as people relieve themselves outside the toilet door)…this new passenger-weight-plus-luggage-weight will give everyone a great motivation (moti being a dreadful pun) to lose weight and be slim and trim…..