Picnic in Forest Park....

August 6, 2009

It’s lovely to have a large park so close to home…so it’s also easy to pack a picnic lunch and go off on a Sunday, and look for a suitable spot:


Then settle down and start on the food:

020809 picnic lunch fp

I didn't like the first spot we chose as there were roads with traffic on all sides, and the river was a stagnant lake at that point; I wanted to hear the running water, and NOT hear the running traffic, so we moved (much to the disgust...and hunger...of D) to a spot where the Des Peres gently cascaded over the rocks...a soothing, gentle water-sound. I wandered around as the others had a post-prandial nap. A GREEN HERON fished in the water.... green heron fp 020809 For some reason, at the first site, a decoy duck was floating around. I don't know why, because I am sure that duck hunting is not allowed in Forest Park... decoy 020809 fp Some beautiful flowers caught my eye: red yellow lily 020809 wildflower pink 020809 The seeds gently floated down on the breeze, and settled on the clover that we were sitting on. Little flying feathers that carry creation within them: seed on clover fp 020809 Other families blew bubbles, a metaphor for all fleeting pleasures: blowing bubbles fp 020809 More evanescence, as a butterfly flitted and then settled briefly on the rocks: un id bfly facing sun 020809 On earlier visits, I had watched a convocation of starlings: starlings on tree fp 010809 watched a female MALLARD watching me... female mallard fp010809 found an ant busy amongst the eggs (?) or berries on the underside of a leaf: ant on some eggs on leaf fp 010908 saw a golfer outlined in the gold of the evening light,practising: golfer 010809 Then, of course, the sunset happened, and I could not resist: sunset on des peres 010809

The sun went down, and we went home, happy and content:

010809 fp sunset reflection

Forest Park…a great place to have within 10 minutes’ walk from home!