Castlewood State Park,Missouri

July 31, 2009

On Sunday, DnA decided to treat me to a short (short because of GD) hike in Castlewood State Park….and the Park reminded me SO much of the Bannerghatta area that I go to with Geetanjali and co, that I was quite homesick for a bit! One great plus was that there was NO plastic, and one great minus was that there were NO little chai-stalls giving hot little thimble-chais, so delicious and giving us that hot-mouthful boost…

Here’s the scenery; that’s the Meramec River (we went to see the

Meramec caverns

once, and

very beautiful they are, too! )


Here's the River Trail at the's so reminiscent of the paths we walk through on our birding and wildlife trips... river trail castlewood state park Here's the sign for the State Park: Photobucket We met up with a cyclist with his mountain terrain bike... Photobucket The only bird which I managed to get a (foozly) photograph of, was this DOWNY WOODPECKER rat-tatting away on the wood, in true Woody Woodpecker fashion: Photobucket DnA are checking that GD is comfortable in her sling: dna and kavya 260709 And GD is ensuring that she has an eye out for everything and doesn't miss the view: Photobucket Miniature flowers put little molecules of sunshine on some plants: Photobucket Unknown little fruits looked red and juicy in the grass: unid fruiting body 260709 A tree had decorated itself with mushrooms: Photobucket They were frilly,delicately-coloured creations: mushroom closeup The grass bent its head to see where it had sprung from: grass csp 260709 Spiders had spun their gossamer over the leaves: Photobucket The only three insects that I got on camera (perish the thought of any mammals!) were at the home of DnA's friends; here's a spider bunching itself up, trying to spin a web: lynx spider jason and carrie's home 260709 I caught it as it swung past the bottom of the hammock-post: spider 260709 I didn't compensate enough for the way the harsh afternoon sun would wash out this horrific-looking insect: Photobucket But this delicate dragonfly (it looks like our PIED PADDYFIELD SKIMMER back home) cast a shadow as delicate as the patterned gauze of its wings, upon the leaf on which it sat... dragonfly 260709 Coming home, I got this lovely vista of a church, from behind D's shoulder: coming home from csp 260709

A rolling stone gathers no….

moss castlewood sp 260709

but I did gather a lot of lovely mental images of that short outing!