With thanks to Chandan

July 28, 2009

Sandalwood has been a close friend for some time now; he is a childhood friend of ....without being a computer science student, this guy is so knowledgeable about software and hardware...and is one of the sweetest-natured people I know! KM and I ask him for advice on how to maintain our computers, and he has been unfailingly helpful. He is also a keen hiker, and I am thankful to him for introducing me to places like Turahalli.

He too knows of my interest in …interesting…signboards, and here are some notices that he sent me recently. He says he too received them as forwards, so we don’t know where these were taken….

If anyone has any information about their location, let me know!

We think we know what this one says:

the  plastics using270709

I can understand the part about “a pride man is below to pig”

chandan greenery is our health 270709

but that “one rope released donkey”…what’s that? Chandan explained to me that the first few lines mean, “it’s better to be an egg that the snake eats, than be in the mouths of people as the subject of gossip”….

This one sort of starts of being understandable…even though “environment less is effect to human life” is difficult…

less is effect to human life 270709 chandan

but why the exhortation that’s there’s no hurry to be rich?


not provide the room to where and there toilet usings 270709

I agree that “where and there toilet usings” is the “work of animals, not human”…but why, suddenly, that talk about “loan arrangement”?

rescue environment

“All most all is one of the meaning less” just about sums it up!

The propriter of Hotel Shringar, wherever it is, has a lot to explain…

I am sure to face protests that I am being elitist. But I think that if someone is paying for public interest notices being put up, that person should also get something translated from the Kannada into English that is understandable! For example, “greenery is our health” (hasirE nammellara usiru) should have been translated as “greenery is the breath of life”…