A Leaf Is A Calendar, But Sometimes....

July 21, 2009

I have always found it interesting that in India, leaves are red and lack chlorphyll when they are young and new; whereas in the US, it is the dying leaves that turn glorious colours. But whichever way it is, leaves act as calendars…if you see a picture of your American friend, with multi-coloured leaf-filled trees in the background, you know it is the fall season there.

But today, one of the leaves on DnA’s maple tree seems to have got totally confused…Spring is over, Summer is in full swing, Fall is far away as yet, and winter, when there will be no leaves on most trees, is further away still…. but look at this leaf!

200709 coloured leaf home

Do you know someone who can’t make up her mind who or what she is? This leaf is like that…it lay there on the pathway, as if to say, “Well, I’m off the tree, but didn’t I make a splash of colour, enough to get you to notice me and take my photograph?”