OK, ....

July 18, 2009

Here are some I took a couple of days ago in Forest Park…first let’s have the decals:

nimbus 2000

If that’s the case, why IS this person going around in a “vehical” that drinks petrol?

I agree so much with this one too:

body of a buddha 150709

But I guess what is being referred to is the fat figure of the

Laughing Buddha

not the ascetic, lean, spare Buddha depicted in our Indian sculpture!

Well, some people are quite ingenious about their genius:

n gnius no plate 160709

And considering that I took this outside the Muny, where musicals are staged all summer, it’s appropriate:

n tune 2 no plate

But some people are content with just

one haf no plate

We were passing by driving when A spotted this, and D kept driving past and I couldn’t get a pic…and D finally had to stop awkwardly. He told me that the car behind us was a police car, and I got down to go and take that snap. Meanwhile, the police car radioed to some cops on the beat, who promptly came over, stopped me, and asked me what I was doing! I showed them the photographs, and they apologized and went on their way….

Oh all ye St Louisians, fear not, the police in Forest Park are alert and chasing away all suspicious characters!

OK, Beast, it’s your turn now! :) Just go right on…

right on no plate fp 140709

and don’t worry about “what-if” scenarios!

whtif no plate 160709 fp