From the Air...

July 16, 2009

I really love taking photographs while the aircraft is in the air; one can get some remarkable effects with light, the clouds, and the sun and moon. Here are a few that I got while going to LA and returning to St Louis. However, I realize that the aircraft window adds a blue filter to the photographs, and I don’t know how to compensate for it. , ...any suggestions?

The fact that the window was somewhat fogged didn’t help, either! But I never mind posting DMQ photographs (DM Quality)…so here goes..

Here’s downtown LA with a passing aircraft, in the shadow of the San Gabriel mountains:

la skyline 100709

One of the many impressive flyovers as I flew over half the breadth of this great land: flyover LA 110709 The LA shoreline, with the lovely blue ocean: LA shoreline 130709 A large ship, at anchor: ship in LA harbour 130709 A litte tug, with its wake: tugboat with wash 130709 Alas, that picture has me giggling helplessly as there is nothing it reminds me more of, than a sperm swimming! Well, I haven't actually SEEN one (it's not as if they are doing their laps at the local swimming pool) but the photos of them I've seen are similar...! The clouds put up their usual fantastic show: clouds and land 130709 One of the things I love about flying over land, and the reason why I still *always* want a window seat, is that one can see such a lot of landmarks! We passed the edge of the Grand are the first bluffs: beginning of grand canyon 130709 Here's a huge fissure...I wonder if that IS the beginning of the mighty Colorado river? grand canyon river bed I got a view of the typical cliff-faces as the aircraft droned onwards: grand canyon cliffs 130709 Soon it was dusk over the cities of the plain: city at dusk 130709 The wing light was a comforting reminder that everything was going well, so high up in the sky: wing light 130709

But before slipping away, the sun gave me this dazzling effect:

130709 sunset from the sky