Some more number plates or licence plates or whatever they are called in this country....

July 11, 2009

I took these as I took my morning wlk:


This one's very suitable for my GD, who seems to delight in producing a lot of... pee no plate 030709 This one's for Charles Schulz, or for anyone from Georgia, I guess! p nuts 010709 fp Just in case I forget where I am, this one says... st looy no plate 300609 Giving a car to your girlfriend? bby dol no plate 280609 Here's one for all the Punjabi girls (who are called Pinky, Sweety, Lovely...) pink e no plate 260609 You don't want to read the book? Don't worry, it's.... on tv 2 no plate 260609 This one gives MY middle name... g murph no plate 260609 Some have religious messages: glorify god no plate st L If you buy a Volvo, the number plate should match. volvo no plate 240609 Some people feel that they are NOT privileged members of society! und dog no plate 270609 I saw this one: pbitbe 2 no plate 010709 and, later, this one pbitbe 3 010709 and wondered how many cars this person has!

I keep smiling as I see all these, and then I go back Om…

om on car 300609