Some common insects..

July 10, 2009

A macro lens makes you look at the insect world…with fresh eyes. I may never take the kind of wonderful pictures that


takes with that macro lens and that keen eye…but here are my attempts!

I’ve already posted about the

bug season

…but I thought I’d capture the everyday bugs, too!

Let’s start with this very tiny

FLY (update: says it's a DRAIN FLY)

that A found on the washbasin of the women’s room in the World Bird Sanctuary! It’s actually the size of a pinhead…but just look at those feathery feelers, and those gauzy wings!

very tiny fly 050709 w b sanctuary

Next on the scale is the HOUSEFLY which got into the house much to A's disgust...and which she got rid of, but not before I got on camera! 090709 housefly Then came this insect which was as large as my *looks* like a mosquito, but surely, no MOSQUITO , 090709 mosquito? not even Texas ones, can be as large as that?? That's actually a CRANE FLY ( to rhyme with Drain Fly, no doubt!) I have seen FUNNEL WEB SPIDERS many times, but never on top of a bush like this: funnel spider web on bush debaliviere 090709 They are everywhere nowadays, as I walk...and so are the really *extremely* loud CICADAS in the trees! Well, those are all "nasty" insects, so here's a really beautiful one...Karthik tells me it's the RED-SPOTTED PURPLE (at last, a butterfly name that makes sense!) red-spotted purple  lone elk park 050709

There it was, glowing on the side of the road in

Lone Elk Park :

050709 red-spotted purple top view

Off to LA to attend a dance performance over the weekend..more about that anon…meanwhile…you lot enjoy YOUR weekend!