For my American friends on July 4th

July 4, 2009

I suddenly decided, if I could make “kOlams” for our festivals, why not one for Independence Day?

I was walking along Delmar Loop when I saw a street artist with some chalk. I didn’t like his work at all, but paid him a few dollars for his trouble, and then bought two chalk crayons from him. One was yellowish-white and one was blue on one side and pinkish red on the other: I knew I had the material to create my own 4th of July kOlam:

independence day 030709

That shadow is me, documenting my own work! Sorry, I could do only 9 stars, the other 41 will have to be imagined!

Happy Independence Day, all you Americans. And one day in advance, happy birthday to , who is off on a boating trip having a great time!