June 25, 2009

I know squirrels are extremely common animals, and are sometimes regarded as pests, but they are so interesting to watch!

They watch you from the ground…

squirrel on grass 230609

They watch you as they climb the tree quickly, to get out of your way…

squirrel on tree rrunk 230609

They continue watching you carefully after they are in the tree (oh, I really loved photographing that beady little eye!)

squirrel eye fp 230609

But when they think you’re not watching….they do have fun!

And..you want to know what traction is?

squirrel on wall 240609

Here’s 's post about a squirrel and his tail...

I really wish I could write fantasy the way she, or , do...but I guess I am a very factual and dry person; my fantasy life is very poor indeed!