Floating Lights...

June 19, 2009

Remember my post about fireflies ? Well, here’s the video version…

We are getting the fireflies every day right in front of our own home; a couple of days ago, we were all sitting on our front porch, and the “lightful” and delightful feast started….

Here’s a single firefly, on our front porch in the dusk, lighting up now and then, floating past:

I know that’s very grainy, but I was in a great hurry to catch the little firefly and didn’t even think of changing my settings!

Do fireflies keep getting bright ideas? :)

That put me in mind of the 1973 Hindi movie, Jugnu (Firefly)…and I tried getting a video of a favourite song of mine, but couldn’t find any…here’s an audio-only version, not very clear, but good enough:


And here are the lyrics:


That’s really BADLY written, will get down to writing the words out properly, but Biddly is calling right now, so “badly” will have to wait!…