Scenes from Yosemite....

June 17, 2009

These images truly took my breath away; I do love the mountains and the streams, The springs and the snow. With all the trappings of men, These scenes are yet pristine and clear. It takes me to when the rivers’ flow Was not dammed and broken. In my dreams I take the unfrequented ways Filled with flowers, Nature’s token Of benison for creatures here. It was not a time when Man had left his mark on the lands, Or wandered over the country in large despoiling bands. These images make me sleep… And dream of Paradise that’s still ours to keep. Nature’s not kind, but always fair; Those who are the fittest can survive… Breathe the free, pure air, Flourish, and thrive.

storm beyond mono lake

Storm gathering beyond Olmsted Point

tree and rock lee vining yosemite 300509

Tree growing on granite at Olmsted Point

tenaya lake in distance 300509 Tenaya Lake in the distance water rocks tenaya lake 300509 Rocks under the clear water in Lee Vining creek lee vining road 300509 The road to Lee Vining half dome from other side 300509 Half Dome from Lee Vining water in mono lake Colours of the salty water in Mono Lake mist over mountain Mist on the mountain yosemite falls Bridalveil Falls el capitan half dome yosemite falls El Capitan and Half Dome north dome and basket dome North Dome and Basket Dome 310509 half dome Half Dome through the pines storm beyond lee vining Rains beyond Lee Vining grassland sunset 310509 Grassland sunset near San Jose tufa formations on mono lake Tufa formations on Mono Lake storm beyond mono lake The rain comes down beyond Mono Lake storm mono lake Another view of the storm yosemite falls 300509 Bridalveil Falls

300509 yosemite sunset

Yosemite sunset

No photographs can do justice to Nature’s majesty….