Delight in the twilight...

June 10, 2009

KM and I walked down to the History Museum to hear the Twilight Tuesday concert, but it had been cancelled due to the heavy rain.

So we walked back; but the twilight had something else to offer us:

090609 fireflies enright

I first saw one; then we saw two…and then, several, twinkling in and out of the bushes and trees….when we were de-lighted (the sun was down), we were delighted with this unexpected treat!

I immediately thought of the evening that Karthik had called us over, each year, to come and watch the few glow-worms in the park on Nanda Road

The glow-worms were easy to photograph compared to the drifting fireflies! This was the only not-terrible shot that I got.

We didn’t get to hear the concert, but…we got some “light” entertainment that we had not expected!

Update: The firefly show goes on every evening, and to my daughter’s disgust, one of the fireflies (or as they are also called, “Lightning bugs”) got into the house, and before I caught it in a cup and released it outdoors, I snapped it:

lightning bug firefly 280609